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2021/2022 COMMITTEE

President- Krysta Bricknell
Secretary- Avril Harris 
Treasurer- Amanda Howell
Registrar- Krysta Bricknell
General Committee- Helen Anderson /  Robert Hewitt / Alison Fermor / Brett Flynn


Canteen Manager- Amanda Howell
Canteen Operator- Helen Anderson
Grounds & Equipment Officer- Robert Hewitt / Sean Harper
Officials Officer- Krysta Bricknell / Simon Hinton
Program Officer- Krysta Bricknell
Grants Officer- Avril Harris
Data Entry- Caroline McQuaid
Blue Card Officer- Avril Harris
Nominations Officer- Krysta Bricknell
Carnivals Officer/ Team Manager- Krysta Bricknell / Alison Fermor
Uniform Officer- Alison Fermor
Records Officer- Krysta Bricknell
First Aid Officer- Amanda Howell / Avril Harris
Coaches- Todd Ransome / Andrew Arkinstall 
* There are many smaller responsibilities not listed here that our Committee takes on in addition to their listed roles