The Committee, coaches and age managers offer guidance to all athletes during Saturday morning competition. If your group needs any extra support, please let a committee member know.

Club training sessions may be held throughout the season, most likely ‘learn to’ sessions at the beginning of the season. Sessions will be dependent on the availability of the coaches and parent/athlete interest. Families will be advised when these are to take place.

Our coaching team for the 2022/23 season are Andrew Arkinstall and Todd Ransome. We would like to welcome U17 athlete, Lillie Howell, as a Junior Coach.

The Coaches also run training sessions, separate to club training. Please contact the coaches directly for more information, their squad times are listed below.



  • Middle/Long Distance
  • Please contact Andrew for more information

TODD RANSOME- 0416 153 051 …..

  • Jumps/Sprints
  • Cost is $10 per session, $25 for 3 sessions or more per week
  • Visit Todd’s Facebook page for the most up to date training times